Second Chances

Ever have one moment define the rest of your life? Yea me either. I have had moments that defined how I worked or what I did for about a week. Let me introduce myself. My name’s Isaiah, but you can call me Zeek, all of my friends do. In any case, I only mentioned that moment thing because a few hours ago I had another one. I can’t go into too many details about all of it only because I like not being sued. Although, I can guarantee I will tell you guys about what happened at a later date. Anyway, this moment taught me that at any given moment the life that you live, the people that you know, hell even the ease at which you’re able to do things can be taken away from you. This made me think…If I go today, what have I done? I’ve got to say, most of us probably won’t like the answers that we initially come up with to that question. However, I have been given a second chance at living the kind of life that I’ve always wanted to. I don’t plan on losing this opportunity and I’m going to do my best to create other people with vision, just like me. Please do yourself a favor and value your time here. I have attached a video that I would love you to watch, maybe it’ll help you today just as it did me.


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