A quick history lesson

Rap and I…

I’ve always been told this story. It’s about myself when I was a very young whippersnapper,  kid. I was in my crib and the song hip hop hooray by Naughty by Nature was on,of course, when  the song got to its hook, I joined in and even did the motion. To many that may seem as though it doesn’t mean much but to myself I think that it does. As many changes as rap has gone through, as many moves in the industry that I may or may not have approved of, I still have always remained an avid fan. How much of a fan might you ask? So, much,so that later on in my life, I began to write my own music, or lyrics anyway.

Humble beginnings

I started rapping completely by accident. I was about 12 years old and there were some things that were going on at home that I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with. In my moments of complete, loss I started to write poetry. Looking back on it, It was horrible. It sucked, but for the time that I was doing it, It helped me to keep cool. It helped to remember who I was and what I was doing in life. I just remember that one day hearing a beat it was Common, the corner. I heard the beat and I started to hear this verse. It was funny because I really wasn’t sure about how it happened, but by the end of a 10 minute writing spell, I had my very first verse.

Spit Something

I kept my writing up almost every day. Thos continued even through high school, but a very profound memory for me was in middle school. I was in one of my teachers classes and it was almost like a free day. Don’t ask me how, because I legitimately don’t remember, but somehow in the back of the class, some of the other kids started talking about rapping. I said that I could do it, and I was in the 7th grade. This kid, Evan told me to spit, so I did. The lyrics probably weren’t all that great but after I was done, he told me that what I said was hot. At the time, all that did was make me slightly doubt myself less. I still couldn’t really believe that he liked it. As time went along, I rapped in high school as I said. I kept writing and I would spit a little bit in my group of friends, but guys would kind of hear what I said and would kind of just brush it off like “ok you rap. I even went as far as joining a “rap crew”. The name of it was GMR, or Get Money Records. Yes. It was bad, looking back its kind of hilarious how bad really. I even got a logo made for us via my brother, thanks. Josh.

Why Bother ?

 I never took it completely seriously only because I wasn’t really sure if I was good or not. I mean, I was just some kid from south Philly. Just about every black man raps at one point in his life, really I saw it on national geographic. I stopped doing it as much for about a year in high school. I couldn’t see myself doing anything with it. I started getting into writing stories more, which is a completely different monster.

The Return

I remember this one day I was in the lunch room and I decided to spit something for a friend of mine, Miles. I was rapping and It was the verse that I wrote for the corner a few years back. Yea, I would revise it every now and again. So I’m rapping and it must have been ok because I wasn’t getting a “you gotta rap this up”, look from him. I said this one line, it was “the flow barbaric get my Conan on.” The line isn’t that good, but he seemed to really like that one. So I decided that I would write more from that day on. Then twelfth grade came, and I was at the lunch table. A few times rappers would come to our table and spit something. We weren’t the main group for it, but we did at times. So I’m sitting down next to a student and in front of me is this other rapper who spits mainly freestyle. He raps and everyone hears it. Now it’s my turn to try it. I started and they were feeling it, but the line that got them to wake up and listen was when I said, “my flow goes on for cheap sodas…days”. I couldn’t even finish the verse, but they really liked it. A few years later I back over a friends house and we had a cypher like we used to do. I was finished high school by then. Heres how it went.


I still write and I am working on other things. Even I never do anything big, It’s nice to know that I can do this well. The last video that I put on my YouTube channel was this one 2 years ago. I have written a lot more since and plan on releasing as much content as humanly possible this year. If you got it, flaunt it. You guys will see a lot more of me,  and very soon.


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