Keeping my word: Five Posts to Write About Right Now

A few days ago, I was scrolling through my feed and I found a post by another blogger. It was entitled Five Posts to Write Right Now. As I read through the post I found that I could not only agree more, but It would be a great way to let you guys know a bit more about me. I have to answer but five questions.

  • Where I felt safest
  • What object from my childhood brings me emotion
  • What food reminds me of my youth
  • What I thought I was going to be when I grew up
  • What was my childhood fear

The final one might just be the hardest to speak about, not due to trauma, but because I had to do some serious thinking about it. Without any further a due, I bring you…

My Five Posts to Write About  Right Now

As a kid, I would have to say for sure that I felt safest  outside walking across a Walmart parking lot at night. I worked at the Mc Donalds inside and although being there made my days go on forever, I still felt the most at peace that I have ever felt even to this day, just staring up at the sky and stars at night, listening to Coldplay…gangsta.

An Object from my Youth That Brings me Emotion

This one was fairly difficult to come up with because there were tons of things that brought me emotion from when I was a kid. Some emotions were happy, others were sad. However, If I had to say one, I would go with my Arthur Doll,  Action Figure. No in all seriousness, I would have go with that for my choice because I slept with that thing until I had to give it to my Nephew. I did just about everything with that Doll, and I loved the show as a kid so having him there to watch it with me was always pretty cool. So, to this day seeing that Doll always makes me remember all of the good days from my childhood.

A Food That Reminds Me of my Youth

As a kid, I ate a lot of things. Some food, some weren’t but of all of the things that were food, I would have to say Ellios Pizza reminds me the most of my youth. We used to have to cook them inside of the oven and it would take a minute to finish. At times, it came out a little colder than expected. However, to be clear, that stuff Never came out like the box made it seem it would. I can still remember many of those nights after coming back inside from playing with som friends in the street and eating it thinking, “This is pizza”?

What I Thought I was Going To Be When I Grew Up

Man, growing up I legitamately had about a million things that I wanted to be at one time or another. The one that I thought would be coolest out of all of them was out of either Screenwriter or Adventurer. I loved movies a lot as a kid, and seeing what some of the characters got to do was amazing. I thought that it would be awesome to create the stories for these characters and basically play god for an hour or two. I’ll give you guys a list of what my favorite films are later. In regard to being an adventurer, that just looked beyond awesome. See the world, meet amazing people, get to work with some of those people, Actually screenwriting can turn into directing, right? That basically is an adventurer. Just ask James Cameron.

My Childhood Fear

Nothing. The End.

Alright Fine…My Childhood Fear(Continued)

Ok so as I mentioned before. This is probably the hardest one to say. I didn’t spend my time as a kid fearing a whole lot of junk, but there were always a few select items that I particularly would be horrifying if they were to happen to me growing up. The one thing that I can say freaked me out and in some ways still does to this day, Is the idea of something called The Rapture. For those of you that are unaware of what that allow me to explain. In the bible, there is a section or book, called revelations. In this section, there are things about the future that are said to happen at some time when the end of the world is near. There would be a man, who technically is Satan himself called the Anti Christ. He would be born and somehow rise to power and eliminate all religion and text, Specifically Christian. You would then have to take on a mark of some sort, called the mark of the beast, which ensures that you will be going to hell when you die as far as God is concerned. The Anti Christ will kill all Christian people and those who oppose him and there will be a great war, yada, yada yada.

Before all of this happens there would be something called the rapture where God literally takes all of his people who accepted him to heaven in the blink of an eye. If You are not one of those people, however, your life is going to either suck for the next seven years if you refuse the anti-christ, or you are just going to die. I feared that one day I would wake up and all of my loved ones would be gone to heaven and my sinful ass would be back on earth with the oh no face. Yes, that idea still freaks me out at times. No, I’m not super religious, spiritual at times yeah, but never religious. I have no problem accepting people for who they are, but this idea is scary as hell.


In sum, folks I hope you enjoyed the post and if you did, let me know. Better yet even if you didn’t, let me know. I love feedback and I want to know what things my readers like, that way I can give you more of it. Until next time, Auf Widersehen.


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