Oh No You didn’t: The Top 3 Reasons you’re still there

Ever been somewhere that you have no real clue why you have been for so long? Not like, “It’s 3 am and I’m still out here waiting for this stupid bus.” No, no I mean a place in your life, that you almost let yourself forget that you had any kind of control over. A bad relationship? A worse Job? Whatever the situation, allow me to shed some light on why you are there and by the end, Good old Zeek can hit you with a few good ways that you might, just might be  able to get yourself out of the pickle in time to live your life again.

Reason Number 1. You felt as though you didn’t have any other options

Oooooo. I know that one probably struck a nerve in somebody just now, but let me explain. You see, as humans we crave very few things in this world, perhaps not in comparison to our other brethren from the animal kingdom, but in essence it’s a pretty small list. We want Happiness, whatever that means. We want to create families which is completely understandable, and there are a few hit or miss items that you may or may not have on your list of wants and needs. However, the third that I am going to mention is stability. We crave stability like it is nobody;s business. So much, so that many of us are willing to completely override all of our other feelings and desires just to have it. It’s the reason that Ms. Gets smacked continues to let Mr. Smack do her like a pinata. It’s also the reason that many of us will stay in jobs that we know very well we hate.  Don’t worry I won’t just be saying this stuff, I can hit you with some statistics as well, hell even I am a prime example.

I worked at McDonald’s for a period of my life. Now, did I do it out of necessity? If you would have asked me back when I did it, I would have told you time and time again that yes, it was because I had no “choice”. However this was in high school, you know what bills had to pay in high school? One, my  phone bill, and why? because i bought the phone for myself. I was in no way shape or form stuck. Now as a result of my not quitting for 3 years, and letting myself get to bed at the dumbest hours of the night for high school, I began to fall behind in class. This was not a fair exchange, my grades, something that would affect whether or not I would get into college, for a few measly Mcbucks at the moment was not smart. I’ll tell you later what I should have done.

Those Stats Tho

Let’s play some number games shall we?  Ok here are a few things to take into consideration.

  • 52.3 % of Americans are unhappy at work as of 2014 according to a study by he conference board, a new york based non-profit group.
  • A survey taken in 1987 reported that 61.1% of people liked their job. That’s a large percentage over where we are currently.


Reason Number 2. Maybe you could learn to love it?

Let me be clear. Very, Very clear. If this thought ever runs across your mind whether it’s in a job or relationship or anything else that is actually important to your happiness. Shut. Up. Don’t ever let that be something that you really feel you need to do. Doing the opposite is pretty much being a glutton for punishment. No one wants to spend a good part of their life learning to love something when they honestly already know what they should love. Case in point, any Maury episode Ever.

Reason Number 3. You’re too lazy to go find something else. 

Picture this. It’s 3 am. you have a job that pretty much guarantees that you will have to get up for these sorts of hours, but it’s not to go to something that you really want to even imagine yourself doing for your entire life. Honestly, you don’t want to do it today. Now the fix to this is so easy it doesn’t even make any sense, find another job. However, somehow days turned to weeks, weeks to months, etc. Epiphany, you finally apply to go somewhere else, and you get no response for what seems like an eternity. So?! Keep applying. No one is going to call you at random and ask that you come work for them, and if they do, you don’t need to read this post silly goose. You silly, lucky, goose.

So although I pretty much just gave you exactly what you should do in this kind of situation, let me reiterate. Leave, you can stay as long as you absolutely have to but please for the sake of your own life, leave. it’s not going to just up and get any better for you without you putting in the work to improve your own life, and at the end of the day, that’s all this is even about. Self-improvement.


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