Lazy Living…vs. Successful Habits


Where are you right now in your life? Is it where you wanted to be a few years ago? Maybe not? The answer varies for each of us. But what is it that actually creates success? Shit, the hell if I know. Jk folks, I think I have a slight idea. It’s the habits that we create for ourselves. Think about a time that you were particularly successful, not lucky, but truly successful, as in you set out to complete a goal and you actually accomplished that shit. What did you do differently during that time that you don’t do anymore? Do you still do those things? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can definitely tell you about my own personal experiences with habit creation, success and failure.

Some dictionary defines a habit as

 a settled or regular tendency or practice.

I knew this for a number of years in theory, but would not actually put it into my life. When I wanted to get something done in my younger days, I would kind of sporadically do what I was supposed to do, a habit that I to this day still struggle with. However, let me explain. This was indeed still a habit, just a pretty bad one to have especially when you consider that in life those who live that way generally do not have a lot. I don’t see myself being one of those people, so I have had to tweak my own habits in a major way. Better habits form better results, better results = more happiness, more happiness creates a happier you. However, there is a an ancient evil enemy to good habits and its name is procrastination.

Let’s get a quick profile of that word shall we? What is procrastination? Is it eating what you want when you shouldn’t? Is it running away from your problems when you should tackle them? Masturbation or procrasturbation? Yes. Yes it is. However for those of you more reliant on the technical definition its defined as to delay or postpone action. There lies the problem, ACTION. Postponing ACTION. Being a human being I can say that I for one am most certainly guilty of letting the enemy win in a number if situations. Putting off what you can do today for tomorrow is so deeply enrooted in my psyche that for a very long time I believed that I would just not be able to do what I was supposed to. However, those feelings have changed to some degree. I am in the process of creating habits that will create a better, easier and more fullfilled life for myself and my loved ones.

Here’s the plan. 

Step 1. Goal Setting.Got to have goals. Here’s mine: Workout once every day. Write a post once Every day. Eat as well as I can…Every day. Practice my rhymes once a day.

Step 2. Implementing a means to get said goal(s). In my case, everything is pretty much cut and dry. I know how to complete them.

Step 3. Watch the fruits of my labor.

Just like that I’ll have these goals set up. What’s even better is, I’m creating great habits all while being held accountable by you guys. Im going to do this as a start for 1 week and keep it going for life. Let’s get started.





If I could talk…(An urgent message!!!!!)

If I could talk to the greats

What would I say?

Would they even listen? Would they look my way?

Maybe they’d take a glance and wonder what I was to say.

Or maybe they’d be ignorant of my presence. and turn away.

If I could talk to the greats.

Malcolm, Martin, Nat, Tubman, Sojourner and the like…

Would I be proud to tell them about my everyday life?

Would they nod in approval of my day to day strife?

My highs, my lows, my likes and dislikes?

And how nowadays its like/ this life is just for rich whites/ and guys my complexion trying to get white?

Stories of how they left the hood, and I’m just trying to get right.

How the great, great granddaughter of a slave in the seventh grade can openly say she gets pipe, while her mother gets piped, and father hits pipe proudly disappearing from the kids life?

It’s 2015, and the scheme of teens is trying to attract and keep fiends for financial means,

It’s 2015 and the green is the only thing that seems to remain seen and unseen, and I’ve seen enough fiends, families torn apart at the seams all so another human being can go buy a pair of 300 dollar jeans made for mere change in the Phillipines.

If I could talk to the greats!!

Would they feel the pain?

Would they see my generation and think that we changed? Were there efforts worth being slain?

Would they hear my opinions and think the same?

Would they listen if I tried to loudly exclaim and explain how the brains of my brothers and sisters have almost ceased to truly seek and create change?

Would they think I was playing?

Would they believe me if I told them that at times our progress is at a standstill, that we’d rather stand still, or go to a stand and steal, then stand for stills for Stans to steal only to stamp it as what happens when we stand, but still.

Would they tell us to live by the gun?

Would they believe that our rivers run with the same sight and sound as mike brown and pipe down when I write down that Emitt Till was not the last one?

Would they believe that we would rather make babies and play with Maury than go to school and write a story about how far we have come?

If I could talk to the greats!!

I wouldn’t tell them of our plight as of late.

That instead of living well we decorate prison cells, and serve as statistics for diabetes and sickle cell.

That sometimes it seems we couldn’t find change in a wishing well.

I would tell them to wish us well. That we wish them well.

That our wishes are well… wishing well.

I would tell them, that the same change Sam cooked is on its way.

Not that we kill each other every day. That we witness it and turn the other way and that our brothers hate when we hug and say that we love everyone especially our own.

I would tell them… that we’re on our way…home.

That the lives of Eric Garner and Freddie Gray, were not in vain. That we are capable of change. That we can be the best example since people copy us anyway.

If I could talk to the greats. I talk to them every day. I see them in the streets. I see them in the malls. I see them playing sports football to basketball.

I see them becoming lawyers and doctors and street pharmacist’s. I see them watching our new movement, and becoming a part of it.

I see them doing more than they ever could, though there’s much in the wood, and some of us are with no good, but the way gets clearer.

I see a great every day, when I look in the mirror.

God is love. Love yourself and others. We are not enemies, and will always be sisters and brothers.

Lead by example.

Yaas B@#!h…

You ever really stop to take a real good listen to what is being talked about around you? I have, so I feel like you probably have as well. If so then let me take this further. Have you heard the new version of hip hop? I’m not going to get into a huge schpeel about how the industry has changed and people are now only doing what they believe is right for their pockets. No, I don’t have enough time today to get started on that. However, I do have time to make a few small critiques. Why do you ask? Well as an avid hip hop fan I’m truly tired of having the questions that I am about to address just sit about in the air with no one to really answer them, so I’m going to take a crack at them. So here’s the first question.

Question: Do you feel that Hip Hop has changed over the years? For better or worse?

Answer: No Fudging Duh!!..What am I blind? Of course, the genre has changed and in more ways than one over the past decade. Now the hard part to answer is the second. I personally believe that It has done both kinds of change. For example, hip hop has never before included some of the things that we have today, for example addressing certain political issues like gay marriage and such. However in that same way hip hop has also never before housed certain kinds of artists and you and I both know that there are more than a few artists in the game today that truly could not have existed a few years ago. I.E Soulja boy etc. But anyway, moving on.

Question: Do you really share  the same ideas that the songs that you listen have ?

Answer: Yaas Bitch!!

Ok. Yes and no. For example, I do personally believe that these hoes ain’t loyal. Why? Probably because they’re ho’s. Isn’t a Ho only loyal to the pimp that last fed her?…and then subsequently beat the shit out of her? Alright in all seriousness you can’t really live the way that these songs depict people to be living and expect to have a whole lot of real friends, an idea which I am honestly pretty sure there are people out there perfectly fine with. However, I’m not one of them, only concerning certain ideas anyway. Why can’t I just be listening to the music? I don’t agree with the huge surplus, or even over saturation of the really negative stuff, but every now and again in my playlist I do like to have a little bit of nonsense. Because who the fudge wants to go through every single day listening to things that remind them of the struggles they’ve been dealing with? I swear sometimes these are questions that only hip hop fans get hit with. You know its not the only genre with bubba fuck fluff right? Pop is consistently fuckery and carries over some pretty Dumb ass messages too, but ok let’s move on to the next question.

Question: Do they really have to use the n-word?


Why is this a problem now? Honestly, it’s not a new word to the genre. By the way if the song playing says that and you are made to feel uncomfortable, you know you don’t have to listen right? However where I’m from in the U.S we can talk like this to a friend. Anyway…next.

Question: Do you miss the old Hip Hop?


I do miss the way a lot of it had some kind of real message, something that many of the artists from today’s generation just seem to miss. However, if your favorite version of hip hop is like Will Smith, or the Sugarhill gang, please do us both a favor and miss me with that. That…stuff…sucked.

Really there are so many questions that I get that I really shouldn’t handle them all at this moment for fear of going crazy, but just enjoy this quick post for now. See you later folks, and as always have a Good Day.


This is more of a quick recap and update than anything else. A few months back when I first started this blog I truly wasn’t sure of how I was going to use this. I thought that maybe I could just have a few people know about my life that aren’t directly involved. However as time went along I found myself losing interest in posting, and giving up most days on trying to create better content. I say that to say that those feelings have gone, and I need to keep folks informed. There’s a lot going on in my life, and there will continue to be, but…I will now let you all know as often as I possibly can. Tomorrow, we play a little game I like to call Catch up. See you soon.