If I could talk…(An urgent message!!!!!)

If I could talk to the greats

What would I say?

Would they even listen? Would they look my way?

Maybe they’d take a glance and wonder what I was to say.

Or maybe they’d be ignorant of my presence. and turn away.

If I could talk to the greats.

Malcolm, Martin, Nat, Tubman, Sojourner and the like…

Would I be proud to tell them about my everyday life?

Would they nod in approval of my day to day strife?

My highs, my lows, my likes and dislikes?

And how nowadays its like/ this life is just for rich whites/ and guys my complexion trying to get white?

Stories of how they left the hood, and I’m just trying to get right.

How the great, great granddaughter of a slave in the seventh grade can openly say she gets pipe, while her mother gets piped, and father hits pipe proudly disappearing from the kids life?

It’s 2015, and the scheme of teens is trying to attract and keep fiends for financial means,

It’s 2015 and the green is the only thing that seems to remain seen and unseen, and I’ve seen enough fiends, families torn apart at the seams all so another human being can go buy a pair of 300 dollar jeans made for mere change in the Phillipines.

If I could talk to the greats!!

Would they feel the pain?

Would they see my generation and think that we changed? Were there efforts worth being slain?

Would they hear my opinions and think the same?

Would they listen if I tried to loudly exclaim and explain how the brains of my brothers and sisters have almost ceased to truly seek and create change?

Would they think I was playing?

Would they believe me if I told them that at times our progress is at a standstill, that we’d rather stand still, or go to a stand and steal, then stand for stills for Stans to steal only to stamp it as what happens when we stand, but still.

Would they tell us to live by the gun?

Would they believe that our rivers run with the same sight and sound as mike brown and pipe down when I write down that Emitt Till was not the last one?

Would they believe that we would rather make babies and play with Maury than go to school and write a story about how far we have come?

If I could talk to the greats!!

I wouldn’t tell them of our plight as of late.

That instead of living well we decorate prison cells, and serve as statistics for diabetes and sickle cell.

That sometimes it seems we couldn’t find change in a wishing well.

I would tell them to wish us well. That we wish them well.

That our wishes are well… wishing well.

I would tell them, that the same change Sam cooked is on its way.

Not that we kill each other every day. That we witness it and turn the other way and that our brothers hate when we hug and say that we love everyone especially our own.

I would tell them… that we’re on our way…home.

That the lives of Eric Garner and Freddie Gray, were not in vain. That we are capable of change. That we can be the best example since people copy us anyway.

If I could talk to the greats. I talk to them every day. I see them in the streets. I see them in the malls. I see them playing sports football to basketball.

I see them becoming lawyers and doctors and street pharmacist’s. I see them watching our new movement, and becoming a part of it.

I see them doing more than they ever could, though there’s much in the wood, and some of us are with no good, but the way gets clearer.

I see a great every day, when I look in the mirror.

God is love. Love yourself and others. We are not enemies, and will always be sisters and brothers.

Lead by example.


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