Lazy Living…vs. Successful Habits


Where are you right now in your life? Is it where you wanted to be a few years ago? Maybe not? The answer varies for each of us. But what is it that actually creates success? Shit, the hell if I know. Jk folks, I think I have a slight idea. It’s the habits that we create for ourselves. Think about a time that you were particularly successful, not lucky, but truly successful, as in you set out to complete a goal and you actually accomplished that shit. What did you do differently during that time that you don’t do anymore? Do you still do those things? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can definitely tell you about my own personal experiences with habit creation, success and failure.

Some dictionary defines a habit as

 a settled or regular tendency or practice.

I knew this for a number of years in theory, but would not actually put it into my life. When I wanted to get something done in my younger days, I would kind of sporadically do what I was supposed to do, a habit that I to this day still struggle with. However, let me explain. This was indeed still a habit, just a pretty bad one to have especially when you consider that in life those who live that way generally do not have a lot. I don’t see myself being one of those people, so I have had to tweak my own habits in a major way. Better habits form better results, better results = more happiness, more happiness creates a happier you. However, there is a an ancient evil enemy to good habits and its name is procrastination.

Let’s get a quick profile of that word shall we? What is procrastination? Is it eating what you want when you shouldn’t? Is it running away from your problems when you should tackle them? Masturbation or procrasturbation? Yes. Yes it is. However for those of you more reliant on the technical definition its defined as to delay or postpone action. There lies the problem, ACTION. Postponing ACTION. Being a human being I can say that I for one am most certainly guilty of letting the enemy win in a number if situations. Putting off what you can do today for tomorrow is so deeply enrooted in my psyche that for a very long time I believed that I would just not be able to do what I was supposed to. However, those feelings have changed to some degree. I am in the process of creating habits that will create a better, easier and more fullfilled life for myself and my loved ones.

Here’s the plan. 

Step 1. Goal Setting.Got to have goals. Here’s mine: Workout once every day. Write a post once Every day. Eat as well as I can…Every day. Practice my rhymes once a day.

Step 2. Implementing a means to get said goal(s). In my case, everything is pretty much cut and dry. I know how to complete them.

Step 3. Watch the fruits of my labor.

Just like that I’ll have these goals set up. What’s even better is, I’m creating great habits all while being held accountable by you guys. Im going to do this as a start for 1 week and keep it going for life. Let’s get started.





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