What makes a good movie?

I’m 23 years old and in that time, I have seen a number of films. Why ? because as a human being I long for something that can break the monotony that is everyday life. Of course you work towards your goals and things that can change your current living situation but even so, a quick flick can make a person feel a lot better about where they are in life than previously. However my question is, what is it that makes a movie good? Is is the characters? the plot? maybe a little bit of both? Does it have to do with whether or not the characters lives are in any way similar to our own? I figured it’s a Sunday, I might as well take a look into it.

In the beginning as far as I was concerned all that it took to create a good movie was color, sorry baby boomers, a story and about an hour and a half or maybe two. I can even remember going to see the movie “Master of Disguise” as a kid and being like “holy hell mom that was hilarious.” Then I saw it again years down the line and went, “holy hell Mom, that thing was awful.” Now obviously it takes more than just age difference to create a good movie right? Because at the same time, I can go back and watch other movies that I saw as a kid and they will be just as funny or scary or whatever as they were then, now. Of course, that might be because of Nostalgic reasons. Now I would go into the craziness that is Nostalgia but I won’t and the only reason that I won’t is because of another factor that comes into play, in my generation specifically more than in my parents. That factor ladies and gents is jadedness.

Jaded. By definition its when you are now bored with things that used to give you pleasure specifically due to over exposure. Now that we have that in place lets get into how this might have happened over time using one movie genre specifically. Horror.In my parents day, the scariest movie that was ever seen was “The Exorcist”. At the time of its release, there were people that had to literally leave the theater in order to regain composure. They even had people vomiting due to how graphic the film was. My take on it after watching it today..meh. The crappiest horror movie today is at least twice as graphic as that film was, and as far as supernatural junk goes, that’s not enough to scare me. Mainly because.I’ve been seeing things much worse than that for the last 10 years of my life. I think that this same jadedness, transfers into other genres creating a patron that is just not going to be pleased with what he/she sees unless it is A-Mazing.

However, this still leaves out what makes a film good. I know that after watching a film I would like to feel kind of good about life. I know that I like when the film accomplishes a goal for me. So if its  horror movie, I expect to be scared at least 5 times. Or if it’s an adventure flick, I had better not be bored more than twice. Perhaps it’s just a personal thing, but if that’s true then for me, a good film has to take me away from where I am. I have to almost forget that I am even watching a film, if I remember it every now and agin thats fine, but If something happens that is too cliche or boring I will mention it as a thing  that happens in ” these kinds of movies”. I think that at the end of the day, a good film can only be good to a person if they are willing to let it be good. That is not to say that writers and directors are off of the hook though. You guys still suck at times!! However, I will now try and be a little less jaded to see if your movies are tolerable at least. Still, I’ll see you guys next time, have a great day.


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